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recent enjoyment -02,11,2014

Dear saints,

this has been a wedding season. everyone has been talking about "the wedding"..... I appreciate the testimonies in the weddings. and I kind of begin to imagine about my own wedding. haha, it is still a long way to go.

anyhow, Christ is Victor. I really enjoyed today's morning revival. the Bible is a book of victory. Satan has already been defeated. and our destiny is to win the victory. the more Satan destroy the temple, the greater building the Lord will raise up. Satan's destroying is just to offer more opportunities for the Lord to display His multifarious wisdome. the enemy's victory is just the preparation for the Lord to gain further victory!!! Praise the Lord!

I have been reading life study of Exodus message 23. there is one point particularly touched me. Christ is our Passover, not only the passover lamb, but every aspect of passover. in the Old Testament, God passed over the children of Israel because of the blood. this passover was due to the sprinkled blood. however, today, for we, the New Testament believers, we are in Christ. today, we are in Christ, who has become our covering. the passover in Exodus was based on the blood. but our Passover is based on Chhrist. that is why the apostle Paul repeatedly says that we are in Christ.

I also enjoy the matter of burnt offerings from "Christ as the Reality" chapter 2. I used to think that our greatest problem with God is our sin. but the brother shared in this message that, we first need Christ to be our burnt offeriing, because our first problem with God is not a matter of trespasses, but a matteer of not being for God. even though we may have done nothing wrrong, we are still not for God. before we were saved, of course we are not for God. even after regeneration, we are still not absolutely for God. only Christ is the absolute one. we need Christ to be our burnt offering. we even don't need to try. the more we try, the more we arre unable to become ashes, to become nothing.

I began to join pacific islanders meeting (P.I. meeting) recently. this week, we began to pursue the book "Pure in Heart". although I read this book with North Shore high schoolers last year. when I was reading the message again, how come I feel like that I never read this book. I was touched, and warned again by the message. how we need to turn our heart to the Lord, not just some time, but always. our unturned heart is just the veil, hindering us to see the Lord. whenever the heart shall turn to the Lord, the veil shall be taken away. how we need the Lord to help us to turn to Him, turn our whole being to Him. may the Lord have mercy on us, to grant us a simple heart just loving Him, just viewing Him.

Lilo Xu

Waikanae Young People Camp Repo


1 September 2014

Conference Report
Waikanae YP Camp

What was the main burden of this camp?
the vision of the world: we need to see some negative points, so that after graduation, we can know how to stand against the current tide of the world. the cure for all problems is the proper humanity of Jesus. we need to eat Jesus, in order to be humanly Jesus. the Lord has already given us a picture of the situation at the end of this age, so we need to be lovers of God.
the vision of the self: the self, all the opinions damage the church life. we need to be "Amen" people, with the Lord as the Amen within us. how can we be such Amen people? this is fulfilled by spending the riches that Christ has given to us.
the vision of the dwelling place of God: on the one hand, in divine and mystical realm, God's dwelling place is in spirit; on the other hand, in practical sense, God's dwelling place is in the city where the believers live. why God ordained "one church one city"? Why does God not allow us to choose for ourselves? why is oneness so important to God? first, the Triune God is oneness. Father, Son and Holy Spirit, these three wonderful persons are all in one. so, as His expression, the church should also have and keep such oneness. the way to keep in one, is in spirit and by cross.
the vision of consecration: after we all have seen God's economy, His heart desire is to dispense Himself into us, that He is building His unique dwelling place, that He is fulfilling the dream of Bethel, having seen all these visions, we must come to consecration. this is the natural progress, where everyone has to arrive.

the enlightenment I received
the only way to keep the oneness, is not from ourselves, but in spirit, by cross. the Triune God only has one unique name. He doesn't give us any other name. and He said clearly that "God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and in truthfulness. " all God's building work is in spirit. in order to keep oneness, to remain in church life, to build up the Body of Christ, we must do everything in spirit. otherwise, our natural life and self can only damage even destroy the Body. how can we stay in spirit? how can we avoid anything from the old man, the natural life? the only way is to allow the cross to cross out everything not in spirit. we need to be willing to take the cross, to bear the cross, remain on the cross, by the resurrection power of Christ, which requires us to stay in spirit. this is the only way to nullify all our concepts, traditions, and opinions.
it is a great thing that, the Lord visited us in grace, we got saved, and we can give ourselves to the Lord. without the supply and sustain from the Lord, we will never be able to give ourselves to the Lord. our consecration is the result of the mercy, love and grace by the Lord, constantly given to us. the Lord has given us a simple way to voluntarily consecrate ourselves to the Lord, which is to lay our hands on His head, to identify us with what He has accomplished for us.

the application in daily life
the whole world is the evil system of Satan, which is totally against God. during the two years in the training, we are quite preserved by the training atmosphere. but after graduation, we will get into different localities. are we able to stand against the current tide, to be a proper testimony for the Lord. can we "do not be fashioned according to the age, but be transformed by the renewing of the mind"? the answer is to eat the proper humanity of Jesus. Lord Jesus is the first God-man, complete God and perfect man. He has passed through all the processes, for us to eat, to drink and to enjoy Him. we are what we eat. the only way for us to become His duplication, many God-men, not to be affected by the evil tide, is to eat the humanity of Jesus. only by such eating, can we have the proper humanity. in this way, we will be able to protect us in the evil world, not to be influenced by the strong evil tide. in the local churches, we may meet some saints, far from our imagination. we need the proper humanity of Jesus to enable us to love them, to shepherd them, to help them.
we may do many outward things, may have very good practice, but God still has no dwelling place, for we are not doing in spirit. God's dwelling place is in spirit, and all His building work is in spirit. if we practice the Christian life and church life just outwardly, we cannot build up the church. it is very easy for us to focus on outward things. sometimes, we are even distracted by Satan to all outward practices, and ignore inward reality. we may come to all the meetings, do all kinds of practical services, and give offerings faithfully every week. but there is no building up of the Body, for we are not in spirit. everything has become a ritual, formality. if we are not in spirit, all the things that we do will not profit any building for the church. as long as we are in spirit, although we may have limited capacity to function, we are still building up the church bit by bit.


although Christ has been allotted to us by God as our portion, if we would possess Christ and live in Christ as our land, we still need to fight against the spiritual enemies. We should not only pray but also fight. Actually, we are not the ones fighting, for God goes with us and fights for us. it is our duty to fight, but we cannot fulfill this duty by ourselves but only by faith in the Lord, i.e., by the Lord Himself as our life and life supply. We can fulfill the Lord's requirements only by the divine life, the eternal life, which is the Triune God embodied in Christ, who is realized as the life-giving Spirit.
- Deuteronomy 20:1 footnote


Whom do I have in heaven but You?
And besides You there is nothing I desire on earth.

- ( Psalms 73:25)

short term training

Thank you Lord that
I can come to two weeks training

From 19/05 till 01/06
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Christ became the sevenfold intensified Spirit in order to intensify the organic salvation of God sevenfold for the building up of the Body of Christ to consummate God's eternal goal, which is the New Jerusalem.

- Morning revival wee 1 day 6


For the same Lord is Lord of all and rich to all who call upon Him.
- ( Romans 10:12)


I am the good Shepherd; the good Shepherd lays down His life for the sheep.
- ( John 10:11)


For you were once darkness but are now light in the Lord; walk as children of light.
- ( Ephesians 5:8)



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